Overcoming: Mother of 2 children who considered herself immune to diets and exercises finally lose weight after using an ice hack.

Mom celebrated with her husband by losing 5x more fat in a month than in a year of gym and dieting with a nutritionist. After this incredible transformation the 45 year old woman reveals all the details of this personal overcoming: (11,097 Votes)

Emma, 45, weighed 227.00 lb, but never cared much about the scale. She only saw that she needed to lose weight when her obesity began to disrupt her marriage. Then, she tells how she managed:

“My problems with the scale began when I was a mother for the second time, at the age of 34. I gained many pounds and since then I have been in a cycle of losing and gaining endless fat. But still I never had problems being obese, at least until then.

Until I went to a boutique with my husband to buy a dress for my sister’s wedding and saw in the window the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life, so I asked to prove it and my husband said it would not fit…

I confess that I did not like what he said, so I ignored and even so I called the saleswoman to pick up the dress for me, she looked at me from above and told me: Sorry lady, I think this size will not fit your size, but I have others behind that will fit.

I was enraged, for me it was clear that it would give, after all I know the size of my body. So I asked her to take it anyway…

As soon as she brought it, I went to the fitting room to put the dress on as soon as possible to prove to them that the dress would fit me.

As soon as the dress passed the shoulders already gave me a relief, only I did not count that she would lock at the waist, I pulled from here and pulled more from there and the dress nothing to go down, I was almost 10 minutes in the fitting room trying to make the dress fit until…

Then my husband knocked on the door, and asked if everything was okay, I said yes, he asked me to see how it was and I was embarrassed and said I did not like it, and he insisted to see, so I put on my clothes quickly and left with the dress in hand.

Then the saleswoman asked, Did the dress fit? And I said that I did not like it, and she did not satifeita with the resposa told me: I warned that it would not serve, then all the saleswomen looked at each other’s face with smiles corner of mouth, I felt terrible, very willing to cry.

So I handed the dress to her, and quickly left the store while my husband comforted me, we got in the car and I collapsed, I cried a lot.

I spent days feeling horrible, while my husband tried to ease the situation by telling me that I was beautiful, that I was special, until I asked him why he never came to me in bed again, he stammered and said it was work fatigue and so on, since I knew that he had already lost the desire for me as a woman, and now he saw me only as the mother of his children.

After many depressed weeks, I resolved that no one would ever laugh at me again, and I would regain my man’s desire again.

The problem is that I had already tried ketogenic diet, Atkins, paleo, vegan detox, weight watchers, Jenny Craig and nutrisystem, peloton bike, and none of that worked, I knew I needed to find another solution.

And in fact I found the solution to burn stubborn and deep fat with a hack of alpine ice that accelerates by more than 350% the speed of metabolism in mothers who consider themselves immune to diets and exercises.

And the real cause of me never being able to lose weight for good and not winning everything I lost again was revealed through a controversial video that the weight loss industry doesn’t want us to know.

“My friend almost forced me to watch this video. Good! I’ve been doing it for 12 weeks and look what happened to me… I’m going back to wearing my clothes from when I was 27 again”.

And after 5 months of watching the “revealing video” Emma finally reached the desired weight and states that throughout the process of slimming she continued eating pizza, noodles, sweets and snacks that she and her husband like.

Emma claims that she had never heard of this alpine ice hack, and says this: “My life changed completely after I returned to being thin, I feel beautiful, willing, willing to go to the beach, and as a toast my husband returned to woo me and call me to dinner by candlelight, this is perfect”.


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Sophia lura

A week ago

Congratulations Emma for your victory, really you were much more beautiful in your current version, I was inspired in your evolution I will watch the video antres out of the air, I need to lose weight, I’m feeling terrible.


1 month ago

Wow, you are now someone else, I can not wait to lose weight, my husband is looking at thin women on instagram, he no longer looks at me after I gained weight, I need to lose weight urgently not to lose my marriage.


2 months ago

Thank you for sharing your story with us, I’ve been trying to lose weight for over 1 year and I can not, I will see the video seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel for me.



You look beautiful and radiant Emma, congratulations, I also lost weight after watching the video, put into practice and had great results, really works.

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